The Business Ready
Understand your business well enough to confidently explain the current situation and future plans to financiers, partners and the next generation.
How the Workshop Works
We come together as a group to teach each topic.
Learning in a Group
Each Business has their own designated table where they can work.
Implement each template into your business  at the workshop.
Confidently work on your own figures in private.
Jim, Rod and Grahame are there to teach and assist you to understand the process.
We DO NOT need to see your financial information at all.

Next Venue Based on Interest
 KLR Business Ready Workshop

 17 - 19 October, 2017
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3 Days working on your business

What You Will Learn & Implement
At the Business Ready Workshop we will be teaching you how to build a snapshot of your business's past performance.
Using these figures as a base we will go through the process of using the KLR Spreadsheets to build your budget and cashflow. 
The most important part of the workshop is when you will break away from the group, to input your own figures.
You will leave will leave with a prepared budget. 
You will go home knowing how to integrate the KLR Tools into your planning. 
You will understand your business well enough to confidently explain the current situation and future plans to financiers, partners and the next generation.
Jim Lindsay
Grahame Rees
Rod Knight
We will ONLY  be holding these workshops  when we have a group of 12 business's who have expressed interest.
Register your interest below if you would like to attend a future workshop.
Workshops are limited to 12 business's.

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17 -19 October,2017
$5,500 / Business
inc GST

  • Catering is over and above the investment of
    $5,500 / Business

  • Up to 4 people from the same business may attend.
  • Catering will be passed at cost per person.
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Want to Know More ?
If you would like to discuss the workshop and how it may assist your business,
Grahame is available on 0428953925
Dave and Mel Kiel
Yeoval. NSW
The 3 day program has been instrumental in us gaining a thorough understanding of our business in an easy and simplified way.
We are now confident to prepare our financial plan.

Charters Towers
This workshop enables people to start at the very basic step of completing a direct margin, setting up a chart of accounts,understanding profit and loss, assetts and liabilities. The ability to link existing KLR trading spreadsheets to support cashflow budgets,gives you a clear process. To be able to end up with a documented process would allow anyone to confidently present thier financial plans to partners or financiers.
Excellent workshop.
Paul & Joy McClymont
Great there is a financial workshop that slows down to the pace of the participants.The KLR team take the time to teach each topic and allowed us plenty of time to implement at the workshop. We liked the simple process that the course was delivered , with a focus on really understanding the terms, figures and why we do the calculations. We now have so much more clarity around financial planning.

Bill & Jane Rogers
The 3 days have been invaluable to our business, giving us clarity about our business and the importance of understanding our bottom line.
We really found inputting our figures at the workshop was very helpful.